Lydia Ainsworth to perform new record at 7th Street Entry
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Lydia Ainsworth to perform new record at 7th Street Entry

Overlooking Los Angeles’ Echo Park is the statue “The Queen of Angels,” which became the inspiration for Lydia Ainsworth’s new record, Darling of the Afterglow. Ainsworth, a Torontonian electro-pop singer, released her album on March 31. She recorded the album in the same Toronto studio where she made her 2014 debut album, Right from Real….


Steve Bannon is accumulating power and you should pay attention

The White House has many new individuals prowling around it that are reasonable causes for alarm, suspicion and fear. I believe Steve Bannon is among the most dangerous. Prior to joining Trump’s campaign as Chief Executive, Bannon operated Breitbart. The publication has been excoriated by virtually every left-leaning news outlet, with journalists decrying its fear-mongering…


The Mac Weekly wants your election opinions

Our campus on Wednesday felt different. Tuesday night’s election results surprised much of the Macalester community. Regardless of how you processed the results, the coming administration marks a palpable change. This change will be felt in the spaces we share, as well as in the other communities we are each a part of. Since Tuesday,…


Looking back to 1994’s Final Fantasy VI

I recently played through Square’s Final Fantasy VI for the first time. I’m glad to say that I see what everyone’s spent the last 20 years freaking out about. The characters in this game can never seem to catch a break. Like one might expect from a Final Fantasy game, their lives are the essence…

Good times in the Badlands

Good times in the Badlands

At 5 a.m. on March 13, my alarm goes off. I reach for the snooze button, but then remember something important about today: I am about to go on a four-day trip to Badlands National Park. After convening in the still-dark Olin-Rice parking lot, the 14 of us begin our trek. The flat, farm-covered landscape…


Student to bike across U.S. building affordable homes

In January 2015, close to 570,000 people were homeless on a given night, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. To help create affordable housing for those in need, senior Nathan Are has decided to spend the upcoming summer with twenty-nine other young adults on a cross country service-oriented cycling trip through Bike &…