Election blurbs

Two weeks ago Tuesday, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. The following day was a fairly extraordinary one for this school. Trump’s victory was for many, though certainly not everyone, a devastating, heartbreaking event. Below are several personal stories from Mac Weekly staff members in the aftermath of the election. Abe Asher…


Southeast Asia deserves dedicated course at Macalester

With courses dedicated to nearly every world region at Macalester, it is striking to find Southeast Asia missing from the mix. That’s not to say the region isn’t discussed at all. While perusing through course offerings for Spring 2017, it seems to come up as case study material in a grand total of two courses….


Swastika found on campus

A swastika was found carved into the surface of a desk in the DeWitt Wallace Library on October 4. “We should not at all want this on campus,” Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, Dean of Multicultural Life, said. According to Director of Facilities Services Nathan Lief, the graffiti measured one inch and has since been photographed and removed…

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