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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: revisiting vanilla

After last week’s column was published, I received a lengthy email from a man named Peter Boots. He introduced himself with a mini-resume: “I’m a bit of an expert on both of the subjects you cover, having taught BDSM classes from 1984 to 1992 at SM Gays in London, and from 1993 on at GMSMA…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: miles past vanilla

Inspired by last week’s cautionary tale about combining food with sex, this week’s edition will feature two riskier kinks/sexual practices, cock-and-ball torture and erotic asphyxiation, with tips on how to minimize these risks. Whether you’re a connoisseur of erotic asphyxiation or don’t consider yourself an inch past vanilla, this week’s column is sure to be…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Finger lickin’ good?

For many, food and sex respectively rank as the greatest pleasures in life. Some ambitious souls may even try to combine the two delights in an attempt to reach the highest plane of human ecstasy. Unfortunately, the reality of this union often falls short of expectations and can even lead to infections or other complications….


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: going, going, gonorrhea!

Welcome to the third exciting installment of the STI Spotlight series! This week, join me in an exploration of one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the United States, gonorrhea. Also called “the clap” or “the drip,” gonorrhea is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae and affects almost one million people in the…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Friend… or friendlier?

If you haven’t heard, friends with benefits (FWBs) are the new hip thing. Cosmo, Glamour and Buzzfeed all offer endless advice on how to treat your FWB, how to decide on acceptable versus off-limits behavior and how to avoid being overly friendly-clingy-needy-emotional. From author to author, the advice changes drastically, with each new source contradicting…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: an eggcellent endeavour

Like most of my fellow college students, the debt I will have accrued by the time I graduate is not an insubstantial amount. There are a vast array of strategies designed to vanquish student loans, from dabbling in adult entertainment to drug distribution to selling one’s soul and going to work for The Man. Though…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Questioning monogamy

Most people who grow up in the United States experience similar force-fed narratives of love, sex and romance. How do all the movies go? Girl meets boy, they fall in love quickly and simply, get married, make love to make babies, and have a wonderful carefree life full of children and grandchildren. After finding true…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: STI spotlight on chlamydia

This week, I’ll be sharing all sorts of yummy information about chlamydia in the exciting second installment of the STI Spotlight. The first spotlight, on herpes, can be found in the online archives under the week of November 4, 2016. Though I never get too explicit, due to the nature of this week’s column, I…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: I <3 the inclusive orgasm

On the evening of February 9, I, along with many of my peers of all genders, attended the “I <3 Female Orgasm” presentation featuring sex educators Marshall Miller and Maggie Keenan-Bolger. The event, which originally visited Macalester in 2010 in a more nascent form, was sponsored in part by a Macalester parent who believed the…

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