Lydia Ainsworth to perform new record at 7th Street Entry
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Lydia Ainsworth to perform new record at 7th Street Entry

Overlooking Los Angeles’ Echo Park is the statue “The Queen of Angels,” which became the inspiration for Lydia Ainsworth’s new record, Darling of the Afterglow. Ainsworth, a Torontonian electro-pop singer, released her album on March 31. She recorded the album in the same Toronto studio where she made her 2014 debut album, Right from Real….


The MAX Center, from the tutors

In light of the recent article “MAX Center tutors revise mission statement; administration disputes changes,” and the various responses to it, we tutors at the MAX Center would like to discuss with the rest of the Macalester community exactly what it is that we do. It is important to us that the Macalester community understand…


At work with the sustainability network: Student and solar power—what does MacCARES stand for?

The Sustainability Network brings together students from a variety of departments and organizations working on sustainability-related projects from around campus. You can get in touch with the network with your ideas or questions by emailing or This week, we hear from the student org MacCARES (Conservation and Renewable Energy Society). Every organization has…