The Mac Weekly recognizes that a commitment to diversity is crucial to fulfilling its mission to be the primary source of information for, by and about the Macalester community. Respecting the cultural traditions, beliefs and views of our entire community strengthens this mission. In upholding our mission to provide full, fair news coverage, The Mac Weekly will:

* recognize that majority groups usually have little trouble sharing their own views, but that underrepresented groups do not often share the same privilege. Therefore, The Mac Weekly must be committed to actively covering underrepresented groups to the best of its abilities. — This does not necessarily mean running more stories about minoritized groups, but understanding their perspectives, although they also have a stake in “mainstream” stories as well.

— Reporters should be conscious of sourcing: Reporters should be intentional about collecting sources from a wide variety of people in the community. Staff should be respectful of criticism and open to change stemming from feedback.

* avoid stereotyping and typecasting. Racism, sexism and any other prejudices that demean others will not be tolerated. Furthermore, no mention should be made of a person’s race, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or other identities unless it is pertinent to a story, or if a source expresses discomfort with disclosure of potentially private identities.

* Create an open atmosphere within our own newsroom and organization that welcomes a variety of views and encourages discussion.

*The staff of The Mac Weekly will continually take part in diversity initiatives.